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Tuxedo Park is a manufacturer of formal wear and uniform accessories such as bow ties, vests, suspenders and other tuxedo apparel.

Microfiber Slim


look your best, even if the coat isn't on

We are so excited to introduce a true Slim Fit shirt in microfiber for 2018.  What is a true Slim Fit shirt?  It is a shirt that has been modeled after major brands like Hugo Boss and Nordstrom slim fit shirts.  The arms and body are cut to make your customer look amazing.  Compare our shirt with the competition, and you and your customer will know the difference.  Inventory will be available in March 2018.

The Facts:

  • Colors Available in White, Ivory and Black
  • Spread Collar
  • Better Fit Than the Competition
  • Slimmer Fitting Sleeve
  • 5 Studs
  • Improved Size Label
  • Modeled after Nordstrom and Hugo Boss
  • 100% Microfiber
  • Retail Packaging

Give your customer the look they demand when the coat isn't on!


Slim Fit Size Table.jpg

style #




Higher Armholes

A well fitting shirt should not only look good in the chest and waist, but should also fit great in the arms.

Higher armholes reduce the excess fabric in the sleeves, creating a narrow streamlined sleeve that gives your customer a better look and fit.


exact fit sleeves

Most rental shirts have sleeves that are longer than advertised to allow for some sizing wriggle room.  The downside to a longer sleeve is extra fabric which creates more wrinkling, and trying to figure what actual sleeve size fits your customer best.

Our slim fit shirts have exact length sleeves, so if your customer has a 35" sleeve, the shirt you get will be 35".  This exact measurement will reduce that excess baggage and make it easier for you to give your customer their best look.


slimmer shoulder

Slimmer shoulder helps define shoulders.  More accurate fit for slim body type.


spread collar

Slightly spread collar for a more fashion forward look.


slim waist

Less fabric hanging out around the waistline.  This true slim fit shirt will make your customers look their best.